“Todd and I truly appreciated the heart of the Sherwood Baptist Church staff. We are very thankful for the love, concern, and prayers from the Sherwood Baptist Church lay people that attended this conference. What a blessing to serve among men and women that will pray and serve!

“Sherwood Baptist Church is truly a church of prayer and we know that is why God has used you and your church in a mighty way. Keep on Praying, seeking His will and being obedient!”

Teresa Crosby

“Let me encourage you to attend the ReFRESH® in the Smokies Conference. If you have a longing for revival and a desire to hear from God, this is the conference for you. For the last two years my wife has attended this conference with me, along with many pastors and their wives. The encouragement and personal attention we have received from the speakers, staff and friends of Sherwood Baptist Church has strengthened our ministry. If you are looking for a conference or retreat that will give you back your vision, then bring your key leadership and prepare for God to Refresh, Revive and Restore your soul.”

Jimmy Tanner

“We just wanted to let you know that our time at ReFRESH® was life changing! I preached on personal ‘Revival Fire’ within each Christian on the Sunday after our return. Cindy, along with many others, commented on the ‘fire’ in my preaching that Sunday. Many came to the altar that day, some started for the altar before the music started playing. I then preached on ‘Passion In Our Prayers’, and again many comments were made on how my preaching changed, for the better, after ReFRESH®. I feel a freedom and energy now that was not present before. Thank you for your love, concern and prayers, they will never be forgotten!”

Mark and Cindy Harwood

“As we sat in each session, we could see how God had a message for us. I was in tears before the preaching ever started on Monday night as we sang the songs and the message of the songs touched my heart, knowing that I desperately needed to hear from God, that I needed His strength and His comfort. I sat there stunned most of the time hearing what each speaker said, knowing that it was exactly what I needed to hear and exactly what I wanted for the church God called me to lead. Because of your ministry and the ministry of your staff and congregation, I now know better where and how to draw strength for the trials ahead.”

Mike Alger

“Just wanted to share a word of praise! This morning the Holy Spirit rained down on our service here at Noxapater Baptist Church, Noxapater, MS!! I am so thankful for my time and my experiences at ReFRESH®. God did a special work in my life that spilled over into our service. I give HIM all the praise and all the glory!”

Trent Bilbo

“It is almost too sacred to mention and amazing to tell for fear of stealing credit or robbing the Glory. After ReFRESH, I was on the mountain ready to go back to my church and reveal what God had shown. Taking your advice I read the biography of Manley Beasley and was completely torn inside and challenged greatly in the area of devotion, prayer, and faith. Completely devastated I knew what God was leading me to do. I threw away my sermon notes and went to Jeremiah 2:13. I preached about my sin of pride. I confessed my insecurity rooted in pride. I opened up about attempting to be a people-pleaser and attempting to hold water in broken cisterns. No outline, no fancy sermon, just broken before my people and honest about God’s desire for revival in our church. At the invitation I beheld a glimpse of Glory. About 90% of our church found a place at the altar. No music, no time limit, just people crying out for revival and for God to take us to the real fountain of living water. After people were done praying we sat in silence in awe of the presence of God. It was sacred and I dared not to say a thing. We sat, we prayed, we cried, God was real. After 30 minutes the Lord led us to sing. We dismissed knowing that we had been in and experienced just a brief glimpse of what God wants to do for us in our church. No manipulation on the part of this preacher. I can take no credit. I sit back in awe. I praise his Holy name. Wow!!! What is next is up to God. I really don’t know what to do next except continue to fast and pray and pursue God. Truly with OneCry we are seeking Him.”

Malachi O’Brien

“The Lord used the conference to encourage and strengthen us. Just to give us a fresh outlook which we all need from time to time. Charles was looking for a specific Word and he received it. We talked most of the way home about what the Lord was teaching us. Please convey to your pastor and people who served what a blessing you have been to us this week.”

Charles and Vanita Gibbs

Thank you so very much for all your church did to make the ReFRESH weekend happen… and man, did it happen!

To think that I almost did not make it.

It was life-changing.

Please keep doing that. keep encouraging young pastors. Keep conveying ageless wisdom. Keep carrying the fire to those whose fire has gone out.

JP Williams